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The Third Annual First!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Howdy-do Buckaroos!


No two first fridays are ever alike (this fact is proven somehow by the laws of thermodynamics, but more on that never), nonetheless November’s FF was a spectacle to behold!  Between the clowns and boyscouts teaming the streets, the Christmas carolers singing their Dickensian hearts out, the opening of a brand new boutique, the rock and roll, and the usual motley crew of artists and loonies transforming the streets into an art haven, something magical happened.  How fitting that such an evening would fall on the third anniversary of the First Fridays Project!

Some of the highlights included:

Omar Akram’s new blend of jazzy pop at Cafe Bixby and Pizza!


Ivonne Carley’s Woodland Creatures painting series on display at Averyboo Arts!


A clown show courtesy of Alive Theatre!


The Boy Scouts of America!


And of course, yours truly, the Knolls Ranger!  I got to sing a duet with singer songwriter Michelle Mangione at Mirage Coffeehouse!  We did a rendition fo Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” that brought the house down!

Knolls Ranger

Hope to see you next month!

The Knolls Ranger Does Birthday Parties?!

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

toms birthday 3-2

That’s right Buckaroos, yours truly, The Knolls Ranger, has added to his repertoire!  I am still the do-gooding, business-promoting, costumed protector you know and love!  But I’ve also discovered a new job skill that suits me as simply as a crimson critter in a coyote craw!  Child Entertaining!  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, now you too can have the Knolls Ranger show up at your child’s Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, or Quinceañeras!  And for your efforts you shall bear witness to the Rangers wonderful assortment of tricks and novelty acts.  (It really looks like I’m pulling my thumb off!)  Also, the Knolls Ranger, that’s me (it’s a third person narrative kind of day I’m afraid) will personally guarantee a saved day every day he makes an appearance.  You may not even think the day is going exceptionally poorly, well guess what friends, it will be going a lot better with The Knolls Ranger there.  Of course there is the simple matter of my rates.  I’m thinking mostly end slices of birthday cakes (especially if there’s writing or a big frosting flower on that piece) but a slight cash kick-back wouldn’t be discouraged either (Hey, we Rangers gotta eat too).  Why just look at how much fun everyone had this October at Thomas Flemings tenth birthday party when The Coalition for Peaceful Parties asked the Ranger to keep a watchful eye.  Photos courtesy of Special Agent Kimberly Fleming.

toms birthday

toms birthday 7

toms birthday2

yaaay fuuuuun!

We saved the entire universe from utter eradication not once but twice (first from a Godzilla egg and then from a ticking, present wielding, combination safe)  Of course Agents Harajuku, Bob, Fleming and others leant a hand in the merry-making as well!  Team of Ranger do-gooders?  Oh, you bet your sweet Auntie Imelda.

So parents, feel free to go do whatever it is grown-ups do (watch rated R pictures and sip coffee drinks I imagine) The Knolls Ranger is on the scene!