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In the Market for Farmers!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Salutations Bixby Knolls

Welcome to the site cowpokes!  For those of you who are new-comers I am the Knolls Ranger, local superhero for Long Beaches very own Bixby Knolls, part time food and culture connoisseur, general do-gooder, and fancy dancer!

I traverse the wild expanse that is Bixby Knolls, from the LA river on over to the Atlantic Boulevard!  From Del Amo all the way to Wardlow!  Pitching in with a helping hand, a Bixby smile, and a lick of good spirits, yessiree.

Last weekend I managed to corral my way over to Bixby Knolls Farmer’s Market, a weekly stopping point for any weary traveler looking to find homemade wares and garden goodies!

Let's do it Bixby!

While there I discussed community development with Kelli Johnson and other coordinators of the Farmer’s Market.  I discovered that the market was a result of grant money given by The Long Beach Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation for the Connected Cooridor Project!  Well, I’ll be gosh darned, idn’ that great!


I lent a hand towards Hughes Middle School who were raising funds via soda sales to keep their music program intact.

Yippe Ki Yay Hughes Middle School!

A Wonderful Cause

Then I bought a refreshing sarsaparilla from the musical merchant.

Pleasure Doing Business With Ya!

I poked my head into a bucket of creepy crawlies and learned a thing or two about sustainable composting with the ladies over at Gypsy Worm Farm!


I sampled soaps with Shannon La Bounty from the Scared Waters Soap Co.



Smells Like Cleanliness

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, I had a thing or two to report to the camera crew!

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville

Avery and I played with all the goodies from Pixie Toys!


I was able to read my favorite Ranger tale with all my Buckaroos:  Cowboy Dan.

Oh my Gosh, that's classic Dan!

No Farmer’s Market is complete without puka shells!

No Farmer's Market is complete without puka shells!


I was thrilled to discover my friends from Jammin’ Music engaging in a drum circle of epic proportions!

We Jammin'

All this music making made me hungry!

Asian Pear, a must

Oh yeah

Burrito Time

Not to mention thirsty.

A Thirst Quencher

The Farmer’s Market is located at Longfellow Elementary School, 3800 Olive, and takes place every Sunday starting at Nine am.

Knolls Ranger Interviewed by the Uptown Gazette

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

In the Press Again!

The Uptown Gazette flung a few hard balls my way and also spoke with Ryan Smolar and Blair Cohn about Long Beaches one-and-only superhero!  Read the full article here.

Taking a Stroll with My Fellow Citizens

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The Bixby Knolls Strollers

At precisely Six Thirty am last Saturday morning, at an undisclosed location in the heart of the Cal Heights community, a solitary cockerel crowed his celebrated croon.  “Cock-a-doodle doo!” the feathered beast exclaimed puffing Bixby breath from his bird lungs into the crisp dawn air.  If asked why he did it, I’m sure this rooster would struggle to pinpoint his motives.  It was just something he did every morning with the rising of the sun (and also sometimes at three or two pm) compelled by nothing save the deep dark drummings of his deoxyribonucleic acid.

And this morning, by all outward signs, should have been no different from any other.  Just a furtive caterwaul to satiate the demands of biology.  A quick cacophony, embarrassing really in it’s compulsiveness, and then on to the hen house where he was to guard those nests from foe or fox.

Or at least that’s how it should have happened.  But when old Mr. Rooster let out that initial blast of bird-brained bedlam the very earth beneath him shook, shuddered, and cracked open like yellow food cake left in the oven for too prolonged a period of time!  The chasm grew in size and shape threatening to swallow up the very chanticleer who seemingly called the rift into being.  And beneath the fault, down deep in the earth’s mantle, almost imperceptible to the eyes of man or avian, dark gears shifted.  Cogs turned.  And a great machine (burning only clean fossil fuels) coughed and sputtered into life.

The cockerel stared into the mechanical rift with awe-filled reverence.  And the voice of a freshly awoken hero erupted from the depths of this secret lair.

“Goooooooooood Morrrrrrrrrrniiiiiiin’ Biiiiiiiiiiiixxxxbyyyy!!!!!”

The Ranger Wakes!

And then, with the speed of Aesop’s tortoise, The Knolls Ranger flew up into the air!  With the grinding of gears his underground home closed up beneath him.  “Well,”  the Ranger declared doing a sun salutation that Andrea Tetsa of Free Spirit Yoga taught him.  “Now that I’m up I may as well join the Bixby Knolls Strollers.”

The strollers, a weekend walking club in the Bixby Knolls area meet at It’s A Grind Coffeehouse (4245 Atlantic Avenue) at 7:30 am every Saturday morning to get fit, meet their neighbors, check out the local businesses, and take a stroll through the neighborhood!

By utilizing Long Beach’s wonderful public transit system, the ranger was able to catch up with the strollers and enjoy the sights and sounds.

The Boy Scouts of America

One such stroll site was The Petroleum Club Lot 33, where Boy Scout Scott Eastman and his fellow Boy Scouts were planting trees and mulching the soil.

Bixby Knolls Here We Come!

Thank you Boy Scouts of America for your concerted efforts on Bixby Knolls beautification, and thank you Mr. Rooster for waking me up for it.  (Please don’t reveal the location of the ranger cave.)

May I Have Another First Friday?

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Culture Shock LA

April Showers brought May Madness during First Fridays on the 7th!  Boy Howdy!  There were more colorful characters than you could shake a horned toad’s hat at ifn’ Old Toady would take the gol’ durned head coverin’ off his reptilian dome long enough so’s you could do the shakin’!

Colorful Characters 1 and 2

See what I mean?

In addition to rangers, Commisioner Thomas Fields and his Segwayed minions from the Port of Long Beach docked themselves in the Expo Furniture Warehouse where they discussed Port potential as portrait painters drank potent potables!

Pondering Ports

Funny folks from Held2gether Improv once again turned Elise’s Tea Room into a laugh factory!

This Comedy Troupe's on Fire!

Babylon Blues played to a packed audience at It’s A Grind Coffee House.

With It's a Grind Coffee I Can't Feel the Blues

Home Care Health Partners (4122 Atlantic) displayed vintage art of the Queen Mary and Cyclone Racer.

Ye Olde Pike

Alive Theatre closed their absurdist comedy, A Hell of a Mess over at Paul Forman’s former retail building, 3838 Atlantic!

Moment of Meta-Fiction or Sign of Imploding Universe?

There was a belly dancing and much merriment at Baba Ghanouj Lebanese Cuisine!


And District 8 Boutique housed Culture Shock LA a 501C3 happy, hip-hop dance company dedicated to aiding education, and community awareness through shaking groove things.

Make Some Noise Culture Shock!

All in all, it was an exceptional First Friday.

Knolls Ranger Enters the LB Red Bull Flugtag!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

A Certain Energy Beverage Gave This Gent Wings

Wright Brothers watch out, The Knolls Ranger is taking to the skies!  When affiliates from the Bixby Knolls BIA, The Arts Council, and We Love Long Beach announced their intention to be shed of the earthy trappings of gravity and soar “…like a birdy in the sky.” for this summer’s flugtag taking place off the Long Beach Pier, well, the Knolls Ranger just knew he had to be there!

You see, I’ve done a great many things in my day.  I’ve helped Jotham Bixby farm this wondrous land of ours.  I’ve helped the Lakewood Fathers build the city center.  I’ve bought great stationary from Roy Robbins Gifts!  But I’ll be durned if I ever flew “…like an eagle, to the sea.”

But one ranger cannot soar alone:

I fell back to earth within three seconds

I fell back to earth within three seconds

Lucky for me I’ve got the high-falutin’ist, air-soarin’ist, most physically attractive team of aviators a pod-person could hope for!  Why just check out our pilot, the angelic Ms. Wells for sheesh sake!

Victoria Wells:  Angleic Aeronaut and Part-Time Model

Victoria Wells: Angleic Aeronaut and Part-Time Model

Also joining us is We Love Long Beach frontman and Zach Galifianakis impersonator, The Bearded Dragon!

The Bearded Dragon:  Between Beach Ferns

The Bearded Dragon: Between Two Beach Ferns

And rounding out the crew is Hearty Love, a gigantic cardiac muscle who pumps precious life-sustaining fluids and pizazz throughout Long Beach!  Here’s a video of him mugging it up to a well-known Jefferson Starship hit (The Jefferson’s have had an interest in aviation since 1965!)

Hearty Love Hearts Long Beach

Hearty Love Hearts Long Beach

And of course what super team would be complete without an evil villain.  Jimmy 2-Tone better not give us trouble!

I'm watching you 2-Tone!

I'm watching you 2-Tone!

Yes siree!  You associates from the Scarlet Male Bovine Factory take notice: We’re giving ourselves wings!  And with this top-notch team of aeronautical virtuoso’s I feel certain that I will finally fly (provided there aren’t any volcano’s in Iceland or anything.)