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Coming Soon: More Knolls Ranger Comics!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Stay posted Buckaroo’s, we’ve got some Knolls Ranger comic adventures under-way, written and illustrated by local Long Beach artists.  Here’s a sneak peek of a ranger tale written and illustrated by Hernan Serna.

Knolls Ranger Stuck in a Tree

Exciting stuff!  More to come!

The 5th Annual Bixby Knolls Car Show and Dragster Expo

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010


Hear the roar of engines in the Bixby twilight?  Smell the dragster diesel reminding you of simpler bygone days?  Taste the wonderful hot dogs, sno-cones, and beer crafted by merchants fulfilling your every dietary desire?  See the bright paints, the beautiful booths, the friendly characters?  feel the atlantic cooridor pulsing with life and the footfalls of thousands who flock annually to see one of the greatest assortments of vintage cars Southern CA has to offer?  It must be dragster time again.

The Knolls Ranger was out in full force, sampling wares, talking to visiting car aficionados from the farthest reaches of Los Angeles and beyond, cutting rugs to the tunes supplied.  And just generally getting into dragster madness.  Check it out!

Dragster Expo

The Annual Dragster Expo

Dragster Expo Show

Bixby Car Show

Ranger Dancing

Bixby Car Show

Bixby Knolls Car Show

Firing Up the Engines

The Knolls Ranger:  Dancein' Fool

Bixby Knolls Car Show & Dragster Expo

If you haven’t been yet, The Bixby Knolls Car Show and Dragster Expo is a sight to behold, next years show will kick off at 3 PM on July 9th 2010.  Whether you’re looking for a quick glance or a full day’s worth of entertainment, save the date and come on up to Bixby!  For more of our wonderful events check this out!

Introducing…The Capital City Super Squad!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Captain Prospect

A few months ago, we at Knolls ran a blog attempting to introduce the world (or at least our reader base) to the concerted efforts of other real life super-heroes around the world besides the ranger.  And in that vein, and in the spirit of the fourth of July, we’d like to highlight one group in particular:  The Capital City Super Squad.

Captain Prospect & Spark

Based in Washington D.C., the Capital City Super Squad is a group of do-gooding tight wearers, whose manifold volunteer efforts include feeding the homeless, warning the public about recent criminal activity, going on neighboring safety patrols, and visiting sick kids in the hospital (in addition to parading about the city in très cool capes and spandex!)

For their efforts they receive no pay, moderate recognition, and little thanks.  But they don’t do it for the acclaim, true humanitarians through and through, they do it for the community.  (They do get some sweet reserved parking spots though.)

Captain Prospect's Reserved Parking

Leading the team is Captain Prospect, an all around good samaritan, and former saturday morning cartoon fanatic who took his interests in super-heroes and civic action and created the squad.  Members circulate but the other seven currently active heroes besides Prospect are:  Nice Ninja, Spark, Siren, DC Guardian, The Puzzler, Cypherplex and Daybreak.

Captain Prospect and Justice

Captain Prospect & Nice Ninja Warning Citizens

Captain Prospect & Spark

The Capital City Super Squad is now having a summer 2010 recruitment drive.  If you are civic minded, live in the DC area, and have an idea of a super-hero costume, or if you’d just like to generally inquire about their activities e-mail Captain Prospect at  Tell him like-minded Long Beach hero, the Knolls Ranger, sent you!