Make Way For Marshalls!

Demolition Derby

It’s demolition time up in beautiful Bixby Knolls, as Butch and his associates from Ed Grush construction get swinging on the eradictaion, and reconstruction of an over 10 year vacant Robert’s lot!  The plan?  After a few days of daring destruction and 1 year of carefully coordinated rebuilding Bixby Knolls will find itself in the proud possession of a brand new Marshalls department store.  And this Ranger, for one, is going to get himself some new dickies.

big machine The annihilation began promptly this  morning at an unusually warm 10 am.  Your true friend, The Knolls Ranger was there, schmoozing, cruising, and scarfing on as many donuts as his eyes could spy.  But that’s not all!  A champagne bottle was crushed upon the dank and dusty old domicile, Long Beach Redevelopment Agency’s Director of Development Services Craig Beck and some former and current members from the 8th district waxed nostalgic, and I carried a platter of snack cakes around!

Other havoc-hungry onlookers included the ever regal Duke and Duchess of Bixby Knolls, Michelle Mangioni and her music box, Blair Cohn and the BKBIA staff, and even Annie, the lovable, laudable pooch!

Always ready to lend a benevolent hand I gave the old building a stern talking-to of my own, and then kicked back and watched the carnage!  Huzzah!



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