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Mardi Hardy at Rainbow Harbor

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday en  francais is traditionally recognized as the last day of the Catholic tinged Carnival celebrations and is marked by costume donning, normative behavioral dropping, street dancin’, and feasting on fatty fat foods.  Sounds like the ranger’s kind of holiday!  Mardi Gras specifically was brought to the United States by a couple of King Louis XIV’s lackeys checking up on the monarch’s hold of le Louisiane, and was brought to Long Beach by a tow-headed community organizer (and Bixby resident) by the name of Jeff Williams.

True Believer

This Tuesday’s celebrations were the third annual for The Shoreline Village area of Downtown Long Beach, and the second annual attended by your favorite neighborhood ranger.

And, as in last year, the walkways were rampant with pirates…

Ar, be ye mates of Kapn' Kula? Than be walkin' the plank with ye!


Hearty Love

…fellow super-heroes (Z Blade XX it’s been a long time, how are you?!)…

…beauty pageant winners…

Shan Smith, Mrs. Southern CA

…beaded and bedazzled residents…

…and some wonderful ladies from an owl-habitat-preservation group called Hooters!

Woodland Conservationists

…The parade kicked off at three led by Mardi Gras Queen Estro Jen of the Long Beach Skate Shop and Roller Derby

…and Mardi Gras King Blair Cohn.  That’s right, our very own Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association Executive Director!

In addition to the parade there was a shrimp eating contest, face painting station, mask-making station and a 21+ after hours event called Party gras which featured live music sets by The Gumbo Bros., 00 Soul, and Lazy Brad Lewis whose languidness is matched only by his ability to jam.

Brad Lewis: Lazy

All in all a Fat Tuesday to remember!


Photos courtesy of Daniel DeBoom, Justin Rudd, Alissa Sablan, Woody, & Logan Crow.

Roxanne’s, You Don’t Have to Put Out the Red Light…But You Can If You So Desire

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Remember

Well dip me in the sweet Suwannee and call me a swampy salamder, I think I just found my new favorite bar and grille!  (The metaphor’s mixed but the sentiments sincere).  Last weekend after receiving a buzz in my top secret subterranean ranger lair, I boogie-oogied out to 1115 E. Wardlow Road for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the brand new Roxanne’s Lounge!

Boom Shakka Lakka

Joining me were neighbors,

The Citizens of Cal Heights

Bonnie Lowenthal

the press over at the Gazette and beyond

Thrill seekers

owner Robert Molina

The man, the legend: Robert Molina

His lovely family including the adorable and eponymous Roxanne

Roxanne, Robert Molina, Silvia Jaquez, James Johnston of the 7th District, and everyone's favorite ranger

my pals from the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association (Holla!)

Morgan Wraight and I prepare for the ceremony over S'mores (It ain't Christmas any more you silly ranger!)

the ever suave James Johnston of the Seventh District

James Johnston: Straight Up

The Signal Hill Chamber of Commerce

The Signal Hill Chamber of Commerce

Media darling Mike Mora

Mike Mora, still the best beard in Bixby

And these guys, who just wanted to play a little pocket billiards

"Eight Ball, corner pocket."

Formerly the sight of the Green Dog Tavern, the new Roxanne’s Bar and Grille has a little something for everyone.  With it’s modern design (including a marble light up bar top!), and vintage images of California Heights and Signal Hill from the forties, it’s the perfect blend of old and new.  Their family friendly menu includes all manner of delicious American cuisine and after hours the place bumps with the sounds of top 40 and hip hop grooves.  their happy hour is from two to six pm, and their kitchen is open until 9:30 pm.  Call (562) 426-4777 to make your reservations or just show up!  tell ‘em the Ranger sent you!

We're Cutting Rugs over at Roxanne's!  See you soon!Bixby BuddiesThe Gang's all Here!

Knolls Ranger Enters the LB Red Bull Flugtag!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

A Certain Energy Beverage Gave This Gent Wings

Wright Brothers watch out, The Knolls Ranger is taking to the skies!  When affiliates from the Bixby Knolls BIA, The Arts Council, and We Love Long Beach announced their intention to be shed of the earthy trappings of gravity and soar “…like a birdy in the sky.” for this summer’s flugtag taking place off the Long Beach Pier, well, the Knolls Ranger just knew he had to be there!

You see, I’ve done a great many things in my day.  I’ve helped Jotham Bixby farm this wondrous land of ours.  I’ve helped the Lakewood Fathers build the city center.  I’ve bought great stationary from Roy Robbins Gifts!  But I’ll be durned if I ever flew “…like an eagle, to the sea.”

But one ranger cannot soar alone:

I fell back to earth within three seconds

I fell back to earth within three seconds

Lucky for me I’ve got the high-falutin’ist, air-soarin’ist, most physically attractive team of aviators a pod-person could hope for!  Why just check out our pilot, the angelic Ms. Wells for sheesh sake!

Victoria Wells:  Angleic Aeronaut and Part-Time Model

Victoria Wells: Angleic Aeronaut and Part-Time Model

Also joining us is We Love Long Beach frontman and Zach Galifianakis impersonator, The Bearded Dragon!

The Bearded Dragon:  Between Beach Ferns

The Bearded Dragon: Between Two Beach Ferns

And rounding out the crew is Hearty Love, a gigantic cardiac muscle who pumps precious life-sustaining fluids and pizazz throughout Long Beach!  Here’s a video of him mugging it up to a well-known Jefferson Starship hit (The Jefferson’s have had an interest in aviation since 1965!)

Hearty Love Hearts Long Beach

Hearty Love Hearts Long Beach

And of course what super team would be complete without an evil villain.  Jimmy 2-Tone better not give us trouble!

I'm watching you 2-Tone!

I'm watching you 2-Tone!

Yes siree!  You associates from the Scarlet Male Bovine Factory take notice: We’re giving ourselves wings!  And with this top-notch team of aeronautical virtuoso’s I feel certain that I will finally fly (provided there aren’t any volcano’s in Iceland or anything.)