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The June First Frizzle-Dizzle

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Jumping Jehosephat boys and girls, the Knolls Ranger’s in the house giving you the scoop on June’s First Fridays event.  First Fridays, our very own community evening art walk, is growing by leaps and bounds every month and is easily the largest such event in Long Beach (next stop the world).  The event is marked by its swell business deals, bohemian performers, and unleashed imagination.

June saw our favorite Bixby businesses light up with performances by bands as diverse as Good Citizen (a pop, folk, and soul group stationed outside of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf), The Sepulveda Jazz Project (the offices of Edward Jones), Bluegrass crooners TED! (EJ Malloys), swing and jive artists Hot Club du Bop (Georgie’s Place), folk maiden Alyssandra Nighswonger (It’s A Grind Coffee House), 80s tribute band The Repeat Offenders (Nino’s After Hours), and more.

But that’s not all…one-man-band Timstrument was grooving, Elmo the muppet was dancing, there were lovely “ladies” at Roy Robbins Gifts and Stationery, Darren Held’s Held2Gether Improv was tickling funny bones at Elise’s Tea Room, and my old nemesis Dr. Illiterate showed up to my reading at Councilmember Johnson’s ”First books” event to challenge me to a read-off.  Fear not true believers, I won and Dr. Illiterate won’t be darkening Bixby’s door again.  Or will he….???

Check out these snapshots of the evening and see for yourself!

Councilmember Johnson's First Books Event

Dastardly Cur, Dr. Iliterate

And other villian Cruella DeVille

DJ Bill Child

Reptiles Unlimited

Geoff Parry at the new Jammin Music and Art


The Potential Lunatics


The next First Friday is July 1st!  Hope to see you there!


The Ranger As Rabbit -or- A Very GOOD First Friday

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

EJ Malloys with the Boys!

Howdy doody denizens of Bixby!  It’s your friendly neighborhood super-hero (and part-time rabbit) the Knolls Ranger here reporting on another fine First Friday!  When the Easter Bunny tweeted to me that she would have to miss First Fridays do to her busy preparations for Sunday’s holiday I just knew I had to help!  So one wave of her magic bunny wand and two whisker shakes later a fine head of silky pink hair and two great ears sprouted lickety split from the top of my dome.  The patrons at EJ Malloys were quite impressed, as were my all my favorite neighbors who found themselves parading the streets in typical first friday fashion.

Hoppy Holidays Bixby Knolls!

Although the diners at Baba Ghanouj’s Lebanese Restaurant didn’t quite seem to know what to do with me.  I mean you’d think wouldn’t you, that Baba Ghanouj itself being a middle eastern EGGplant dish, and Easter being a celebration of eggs and all (in addition to Christ’s resurrection), and me having a giant EASTER BUNNY FOR A HEAD, that the diners of this worthy establishment would go eggcentric (heh, heh, heh) over my appearance.  Feeling April FoolishBut one glance at the adjacent jpeg will prove that run-on sentence founded on faulty logic wrong.  Man, Mr. Mustache is totally mean muggin’ me!  But I should save face by saying that the customers were only alarmed and not un-friendly and that Baba Ghanouj has the finest hummus this side of the Atlantic.

Keicher Payne was doing Tarot card readings at Everyday Zen Relaxation Studios!  The ranger was dealt the Page of Pentacles!  Oh, 15th century occultists, what ancient divination methods will you think up next?!

First Fridae?

There was a farmer’s market outside Bella Cosa!  And inside, local professor and first time author Corey Holst was signing copies of his historical fiction, Defender of the Realm (now available on Kindle)!

And so fine fellows I beseech you, what's a Farmer's Market without carrots?!

And so fine fellows I beseech you, what's a Farmer's Market without carrots?!

Mayor Bob Foster showed up to get in on the Bixby fun, here he is at Roy Robbins Gifts and Stationary checking out the recycled bags from the Make Trash Not War show.

tn_April First Fridays 092

And more of the city’s finest car collections were on display at Georgie’s Place!

Georgie's Cars

All in all it was the hoppiest First Fridays I’ve been to in awhile.  You get it?!  Hoppy?!  ‘Cause I’m a rabbit!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha! Ha! Ha!…..oh brother.

Bob's your uncle (and also your Mayor)

Bob's your uncle (and also your Mayor)