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First Friday Fiesta!

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

By the beards of babes bearing Bubonic bronchial blisters, Bixby’s Friday First o-May beat the best!  (This sentence not only reflects my sentiments on the matter but is the title of my new book of tongue twisters for tots [available on Kindl this June!])

The entire mission of First Fridays is to allow artists, musicians, & crazy folk from city officials to the citizenry an outlet and platform for their creativity while invigorating usually dark businesses with late  night attention!  It is also my prime time to shake my tail feathers all while keeping a careful protective eye on the streets of Bixby that I love so (wouldn’t be much of a super-hero if I didn’t).

Here were some of the highlights of May’s First Fizzle:

Abraham Lincoln was back from the river Styx and weaving through the streets of Bixby Knolls on his…wait for it…STILT LEGS!  Which casts complexity to Lincoln’s well documented statement that a man’s legs ought to be long enough to reach the ground.

Rodrigo Rodriguez’s Mariachi Romanza Duet brought smiles to the shoppers of Roy Robbin’s Gifts and Stationary.

Darren Held’s Held 2 Gether improv troupe was makin’ schtuff up at Elise’s Tea Room.

There were art galleries in the Expo warehouse!

And Elmo!

Kapt. Kula’s Pyrat Party were singing sea shanties and going to Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rated moviesAnd my old Dartmouth buddy, Cinco was giving out free high fives all evening.  What a capital card old Cinco is!

First Friday happens once a month along the Atlantic Cooridor in the Bixby Knolls region of Long Beach.  See you June 3rd!

Feeling Foolish on a Friday First

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The First Friday of every month, Bixby Knoll’s and it’s manifold businesses are open late and inviting artists to come play!  Truly a unique event in Long Beach First Fridays is second only to the LA Art Walk in scale and magnitude, and it’s growing every month.  What follows is but a mere peek into April’s First Friday!

As a legally ordained minister, I renewed the vows of Wade and Laura Ashley at Melinda McCoy's Flowers

The Potential Lunatics played to stunned street crowds

A Youth from Long Beach Clothing Company wrangles a reptile from Reptile's Unlimited

Khmer dancer's wow audiences at the Long Beach Historical Society

Live Artists find their muse at the Expo Furniture Warehouse

Hua Dancers outisde Hawaiian BBQ Festival

And multiple Elvii (the plural of Elvis) roamed the streets. The one pictured here was the one not on stilts.

Be sure and join us on Atlantic between Del Amo and Wardlow, May 6th from 6 to 10 PM for imporv comedy, jazz musicians, bluegrass, pirate book readings, Marx Brothers film screenings, the ranger’s antics, and more.

Scary Good Fun on a Festive Friday First

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Vangie Ogg's Lovely Photography

The law of individual differences mandates that no First Friday is ever alike.  Like every beautiful falling snowflake or the unique physiological make-up of each individual gnu in the Savannah, each First Friday in Bixby Knolls is something special.  But this latest First Friday was doubly so being as it was also my birfday.  Holla!

Make a Wish Uncle Knollsey!

That’s right Bixby Boys and Long Beach Ladies, the Knolls Ranger turned 129 on October 1st (but I’m only 5 in ranger years) and to celebrate the fine folks at Pixie Toys and Vangie Ogg Photography threw me a gala party complete with cake, toy horsey’s, face painting, caramel apples, and a photo booth!

E. Thor Carlson

Woah!  Watch out Thor!

Cake Time!

All of my favorite friends showed up and we partied like it was 1881 y’all!

All Hands on Deck for First Friday Fun!

But lest you should think that my party was the only happenin’ hot spot on ye olde atlantic ave.  Let me show you what else was happening on this spooky night of community engagement!  There were masks:

Blending InMusic:A fan of the Dance

And Monsters:

Lookin' Horrifying Elise's Tea Room!

There were artists expressing themselves like madmen at the Expo Furniture warehouse:

A litte bit of Post Modernity at the Expo Furniture Warehouse

And everyone from local politicians:

City Council howlin' up a good time

To community event coordinators:

Ron Petke promoting the Great Long Beach art Lab can you dig it?

To guys with beards and cool hats were there:


It all happens on the first friday of EVERY month in beautiful Bixby Knolls.  Can’t wait to see you next time and a have a sp-ooo-ooo-ky season!

Kickin' it Art Style!

Photos courtesy of Vangie Ogg, Blair Cohn, Krista Leaders, and Thom Wasper.  For more information on First Fridays events go here.