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Primer Viernes de los Muertos!

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

November’s First Fridays was not to be trifled with.  From offerings to the dead to Sublime tribute bands, Mariachi music to Hendrix sing alongs.  And all the stilt walkers, classic cars, graffiti artists, and true originals you’ve come to expect from First Fridays!   Check it out!

First fridays will be back this December with a tree lighting ceremony!  Can’t wait to see you there!

Unveiling Jammin’ Music & Arts!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Let it be known, the Knolls Ranger loves to jam.  He loves to wiggle, groove, side-step, and motor.  He loves to feel the rhythm.   But that ain’t all.  The ranger also loves that fruit based spread known as jam, he loves it on toast with a smidgen of melted butter.  Oooooh, the ranger loves that.  It stands to reason then that the ranger is head-over-heels, crazy-talkin’, pure-and-sweet gaga in LOVE with Jammin’ Music.  And it’s a good thing that the Knolls Ranger has an inordinately large heart because the room for love at Jammin’ Music just grew.  I’m talking of course about their acquisition of a new space at 4228 Atlantic Ave.

For those of you not in the Know’lls, Jammin’ Music is a seven year old music education school located in majestic Bixby Knolls.  Since opening they have taught hundreds upon hundreds of children the joys of learning to play an instrument.  The aim is high quality instruction, community engagement and a creative outlet for area youth.  Says business owner Kerri Hikida, “Music is shown to benefit children’s brains in many ways, such as in their reading and math skills.”  Well ring a bell, cook some meat, and call me Pavlov!  I had no idea that music education helped childhood neurological development!

The hundred’s of children who have learned to pluck strings, blow into horns, play keys, and beat drums since 2004 can attest the most to Jammin’s value as a music education school.  So it is with tremendous pleasure that we announce Jammin’s move from their former location to the new larger space at 4228 Atlantic, which will allow them to not only increase the music classes they’re offering but to give area youth that same excellent education they have come to expect in other artistic areas as well.  Starting June 20th, Jammin’ Music (now called Jammin’ Music & Arts) is offering an eight week Musical Making workshop which will teach kids improv, acting, clowning, and vocal training skills and which will culminate in a brand new musical created completely by, and starring the children who take the class!  The eight-week class meets twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) from 5-7:30p.m., June 20-Aug. 11, for only $350 and is catered towards ages 7-17. Payment plans are available.

“But wait, there’s more!”-the ranger says in his best Popeil impersonation.  Local youth can pick up tutoring from new theatre instructors Ellen Warkentine and Jasper Oliver outside of this class on an individual one on one basis, picking up invaluable acting skills from these professional working actor/educators.  And take truncated versions of the course during Jammin’s annual summer camp!

The new space is allowing Kerri and Geoff to try their hands at many new and exciting things including visual art classes, the afore-mentioned theatre courses and more.  Drop by the new space at 4228 Atlantic to wish them hello and congratulate them on the big digs!

In the Market for Farmers!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Salutations Bixby Knolls

Welcome to the site cowpokes!  For those of you who are new-comers I am the Knolls Ranger, local superhero for Long Beaches very own Bixby Knolls, part time food and culture connoisseur, general do-gooder, and fancy dancer!

I traverse the wild expanse that is Bixby Knolls, from the LA river on over to the Atlantic Boulevard!  From Del Amo all the way to Wardlow!  Pitching in with a helping hand, a Bixby smile, and a lick of good spirits, yessiree.

Last weekend I managed to corral my way over to Bixby Knolls Farmer’s Market, a weekly stopping point for any weary traveler looking to find homemade wares and garden goodies!

Let's do it Bixby!

While there I discussed community development with Kelli Johnson and other coordinators of the Farmer’s Market.  I discovered that the market was a result of grant money given by The Long Beach Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation for the Connected Cooridor Project!  Well, I’ll be gosh darned, idn’ that great!


I lent a hand towards Hughes Middle School who were raising funds via soda sales to keep their music program intact.

Yippe Ki Yay Hughes Middle School!

A Wonderful Cause

Then I bought a refreshing sarsaparilla from the musical merchant.

Pleasure Doing Business With Ya!

I poked my head into a bucket of creepy crawlies and learned a thing or two about sustainable composting with the ladies over at Gypsy Worm Farm!


I sampled soaps with Shannon La Bounty from the Scared Waters Soap Co.



Smells Like Cleanliness

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, I had a thing or two to report to the camera crew!

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville

Avery and I played with all the goodies from Pixie Toys!


I was able to read my favorite Ranger tale with all my Buckaroos:  Cowboy Dan.

Oh my Gosh, that's classic Dan!

No Farmer’s Market is complete without puka shells!

No Farmer's Market is complete without puka shells!


I was thrilled to discover my friends from Jammin’ Music engaging in a drum circle of epic proportions!

We Jammin'

All this music making made me hungry!

Asian Pear, a must

Oh yeah

Burrito Time

Not to mention thirsty.

A Thirst Quencher

The Farmer’s Market is located at Longfellow Elementary School, 3800 Olive, and takes place every Sunday starting at Nine am.