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Hearken, A Great First Friday Is Come!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Feelin' the First Friday Funk

Please pardon the archaic English in this articles title Bixby blogsmiths, but the Knolls Ranger is old school about his joy for First Fridays!  In fact, back in 1949 (the year it was established) my grammar teacher at Hughes Middle School made me stay in class writing “I will not use the word come as an unaccusative intransitive verb.” indefinitely while all the other kids were cutting rugs over at the sockhop.  (Thanks a lot Mrs. McMurphy!)

School was tough for bean-pods

But anyway true believers, this, as always, is The Knolls Ranger, champion of the community, brave boy of Bixby, and one time Yak herdsmen in Tibet (I’m full of stories!).

And let me tell you of all the things I love in Bixby Knolls (baby gecko’s in Reptiles Unlimited, Sunday strolls with the royalty, Mike Mora’s facial hair, etc.) I think I just might love First Fridays the most.

Best Beard in Town

Now granted asking a ranger to choose his favorite BKBIA program is a bit like asking my old friend Papa Steve which one of his 14 children he loves the most, but First Fridays is unique in Bixby Knolls.  Heck, it’s unique in Long Beach!  Hey, it’s unique in CA!  Higgeldy piggeldy, it’s unique in the USA!  You know what, I can’t think of an arts and business event like it in the entire solar system!  (There is one very similar in a neighboring galaxy however, but instead of calling it First Fridays the bizarre denizens of that celestial system simply call it BLEESNAX 7)

What makes First Fridays so darn tootin’ unique is it’s successful merging of two worlds (business and art) by promoting and supporting the local actors, crafters, and music makers that make this city vibrant while drawing attention to all of our favorite local watering holes as well.   Every month due to the concerted efforts of folks like former child actor Victoria Wells, Picasso-legged magic man Blair Cohn, dog Annie, the lovely Ms. Morgan Wraight, and the always amicable Krista Leaders  we see more and more businesses open late housing galleries, bands, and performance artists!

As always I was there to give you the good word and shake my tail feathers.  And as always the paparazzi was there documenting my actions and slinging barbed queries at me demanding to know details about my weekend trip to Barbados with Branjelina among other things.  (“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you people, Nothing happened!  We JUST ranged ok?!”)

Check it out:

I had them in stitches at Roy Robbin’s Gifts and Stationary!

Roy Robbins Gifts and Stationary

Hardcore band The Gunslingers burst ear drums (in a good way) over at the Richard Goad Theatre before actors from the Long Beach Shakespeare Company took to the stage with their production of the ribald Greek comedy, Lysistrata.

The Gunslingers

Stylists from Salon Medusa were doing live painting and hair art to compliment their gallery, The Times focusing on the medias hold on us.  Woah!  Red spray!

A Touch of Color

Korean students of design, and flight attendance were having a party!


The Sultans were out enjoying the car art on display outside of Melinda McCoy’s Flowers.

The Sultans

Elises Tea Room was serving the finest!

Elises Tea Room

Plus I got to hang out with Long Beaches finest!  Folks like Rabbi Dov Gartenberg!

Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

And Hearty Love!

Getting ready for that flugtag!

First Fridays kicks off on the first friday of every month all along the Atlantic Cooridor at 6:45.  Check back here for a near comprehensive listing of next month’s events!

Knolls Ranger Enters the LB Red Bull Flugtag!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

A Certain Energy Beverage Gave This Gent Wings

Wright Brothers watch out, The Knolls Ranger is taking to the skies!  When affiliates from the Bixby Knolls BIA, The Arts Council, and We Love Long Beach announced their intention to be shed of the earthy trappings of gravity and soar “…like a birdy in the sky.” for this summer’s flugtag taking place off the Long Beach Pier, well, the Knolls Ranger just knew he had to be there!

You see, I’ve done a great many things in my day.  I’ve helped Jotham Bixby farm this wondrous land of ours.  I’ve helped the Lakewood Fathers build the city center.  I’ve bought great stationary from Roy Robbins Gifts!  But I’ll be durned if I ever flew “…like an eagle, to the sea.”

But one ranger cannot soar alone:

I fell back to earth within three seconds

I fell back to earth within three seconds

Lucky for me I’ve got the high-falutin’ist, air-soarin’ist, most physically attractive team of aviators a pod-person could hope for!  Why just check out our pilot, the angelic Ms. Wells for sheesh sake!

Victoria Wells:  Angleic Aeronaut and Part-Time Model

Victoria Wells: Angleic Aeronaut and Part-Time Model

Also joining us is We Love Long Beach frontman and Zach Galifianakis impersonator, The Bearded Dragon!

The Bearded Dragon:  Between Beach Ferns

The Bearded Dragon: Between Two Beach Ferns

And rounding out the crew is Hearty Love, a gigantic cardiac muscle who pumps precious life-sustaining fluids and pizazz throughout Long Beach!  Here’s a video of him mugging it up to a well-known Jefferson Starship hit (The Jefferson’s have had an interest in aviation since 1965!)

Hearty Love Hearts Long Beach

Hearty Love Hearts Long Beach

And of course what super team would be complete without an evil villain.  Jimmy 2-Tone better not give us trouble!

I'm watching you 2-Tone!

I'm watching you 2-Tone!

Yes siree!  You associates from the Scarlet Male Bovine Factory take notice: We’re giving ourselves wings!  And with this top-notch team of aeronautical virtuoso’s I feel certain that I will finally fly (provided there aren’t any volcano’s in Iceland or anything.)